Mason Kardashian spotted wearing A little pocket!

In February this year we were super thrilled to see Mason Kardashian sporting A little pocket! Mason was spotted with his Mum Kourtney and Dad Scott out for a dinner date. He is wearing the "Jagged" tee which is available in our "Diamond Sun 2014" collection, online now! Here are some lovely words Perez Hilton had to say about Mason's cool fashion sense: 

All work and no play makes this lady a dull mommy!

Which is why Kourtney Kardashian, after shooting a full day's worth of reality footage, took her son Mason out with Scott Disick to Shibuya Sushi.

The three were spotted at Calabasas this past Wednesday, and the mommy-son duo seemed to be really enjoying themselves!

We LOVE Mason's fashion sense these days! He's got this all post-modern style happening. We're not sure if Kourtney helps him pick out his clothes or not, but whatever he's doing we hope he keeps it up!

Kourtney though wasn't dressed up really at all. In fact we're pretty sure the clothes she was wearing was a workout outfit she had been wearing all day — we guess fashion doesn't matter so much when you're SO busy!

We definitely can empathize with that!

Here's hoping the family enjoyed raw fish meal together! Sushi and sashimi taste good after you've worked so hard!

Especially with some wasabi! Yummy!

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